Forensic Expert (VENDOR)

Company Name:
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This client is actively looking for a Forensic Expert/Consultant to help run their forensic division. This individual would be responsible for the following tasks:
Assist on client communication in regards to forensic collections/investigations.
Should be well spoken and very knowledgeable about the industry.
Organize and further develop internal documentation/form for forensic procedure
Manage internal forensic collection workload and distribute according to internal members
Assist in the hiring of new forensic members as needed
Assist in establishing partnerships across the nation with forensic vendors for offsite collections/overflow
This individual would need to be certified (either CCE, EnCE or equivalent) and have a high level understanding of collections as they pertain to windows systems, mac systems, tablets, phones, online email, raided network systems and especially social media collections.

Don't Be Fooled

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